"Kelly Watson is a true professional and I am happy to highly recommend Bluestone! We just completed a total renovation of our 1927 home. We gutted the whole house, updated all the wiring and plumbing, and added about 1200 or so square feet. Kelly was the low bidder out of 5 bidders our architect recommended. He wasn't lower by too much, but enough to entice us to sign on with him. He estimated the duration of the project to be about 10 months and pretty accurately calculated and communicated all the delays, which weren't many. We were complete with a punch list after 1 year. Throughout the project, Kelly was very communicative, thorough and honest. He takes the time to explain his approach and answer any questions we had. Before we started, I had big worries about builders cutting corners, not being upfront and tricking us into lesser quality work product. I had none of these problems with Kelly and his team." - Virginia Phillips

"I love my new home and would absolutely utilize the services of Bluestone Building again if I decided to build another home in the future. They went above and beyond what is expected of a contractor and I was very impressed with their work ethic and attention to detail. I would refer them without hesitation to a potential client or friend and would strongly encourage them to utilize Bluestone Building." - Kelly Bownes

"We were very pleased with Kelly's commitment to get the job right. We knew we would be there a long time after our renovation. Anytime an issue or problem arose, he found a way to solve it and he didn't nickel and dime us to death. He was very professional throughout the entire process and we are still thrilled with the results." - Jack Williams

"Kelly is a hands-on builder of high quality. His attention to detail helps bring out the best in the intended design." - Lauren Barrett

“Kelly is an expert builder, with impeccable attention to detail, style, form and function, yet very careful about the bottom line and staying within budget. He is easy to work with, and very accessible. He stands behind his work, oversees his subcontractors and insures customer satisfaction. We have used his services for many years and will certainly hire him again in the future.” - Klari Tedrow

"Kelly built our home, having to take over from the individual we had to remove from the job. He did a fine job and has been available to help fix things that have popped up in the several years since, as they inevitably do. We would recommend him again, especially for building high end homes and following architect's plans.” - Carolyn Waguespack

"I asked Bluestone to build my lake home, after having such a positive experience utilizing their services for my new construction home project in Birmingham, Alabama. Kelly Watson was involved in every detail and he went above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect. I could have not been more pleased with the results on both homes, and the quality of their services is unmatched." - Kelly Bownes

"Kelly handled a large job with great professionalism. Excellent results." - Charles Perry

"Kelly and his company completed a major renovation of my home. The plans for the renovation were drawn by one of the most respected and detailed architects in the state. The work was excellent and on time. Kelly knows custom home construction and the little things that make a difference. I have, and will, continue to recommend him."                  - William Silsbee

"Kelly has general contractor expertise to deliver an architect's design intent. He studies and understands construction documents. He manages crews to execute construction tasks in the proper sequence. Finally, his paperwork is in order and timely. I look forward to projects with Kelly in the future." - George C. Israel, Jr.

"I've had the pleasure to work with Kelly since 2004. He's a "top shelf" builder who does what he says he'll do and he focuses on the client's needs. I've found him honorable, reputable and most of all--several of his clients I know personally and they speak very highly of him and his work. They say they'd use him again--and that's the best complement a contractor can get!" - Marc Corsini

"Some builders feel their job is to build the project as fast and cheap as possible. But Kelly works hard to achieve the owner's vision and the architect's design while staying within an agreed budget. He is a great team player and we appreciate his flexibility as a builder." - Louis Nequette

"Very compassionate and professional. Kelly was our saving grace during a very hard time. He gave us more house than I thought we would ever have. He promised we would be in our house by Thanksgiving and we were. Our entire family loves him. He went out of his way to take care of us. We lost our entire house on April 27th, 2011. Couldn't find a contractor that would be willing to work with the amount of money that we had plus get us the house we needed. Kelly allowed us to use volunteers for some projects and he made sure that all projects were done correctly." - Jamie Burchfield

"Great to work with Bluestone, job on time and within budget. We highly recommend Bluestone. Bluestone is a very professional company and easy to work with. Will use them again..." - Lori Egea

"1500 sq. foot remodel of our home in 2008. Bluestone was great to work with and did an amazing job. They were able to keep us on budget and finish the job in a timely and on-schedule manner. I always recommend Bluestone to friends who are looking for reliable builders." - Dolly O’Neal