We have experience in both commercial and residential construction in such areas as subdivision development, office development, and new home construction and renovation. With this kind of diverse experience and the knowledge that comes with it, we can be a greater resource to our clients.


We build and manage our projects by consistently assessing our performance from the owner’s perspective. Regularly evaluating ourselves and our performance on each and every job results in a complete understanding of the owner’s needs and wants. This, in turn, ensures delivery of their expectations. As a result of our strict assessments, over the last four years we have a 100% satisfaction rating with our clients.


We maintain a manageable level of work thus ensuring personalized service, attention to the details, responsiveness, and availability to our clients. Our structured approach to residential construction projects allows for greater job organization, thorough documentation, and complete follow-through. We provide our clients with formalized schedules, comprehensive checklists, and monthly status reports throughout the construction process. Clients say that working with us is easy. That’s because we listen to our clients, we are sensitive to their issues, and we do what we say we’ll do. Consequently, we have fewer problems and  warranty issues, and we enjoy a high satisfaction rating with our clients.


While we might be a relatively small shop, we can provide a wide array of services to our clients — among them, site selection and evaluation, building-type assessments, pre-construction pricing estimates, and value engineering solutions. We are able to offer design build services and assemble the appropriate team for your individual project. Whatever your needs might be, we have the resources and alliances to put your plan into action.

5.      DETAILS

Building success is all about being meticulous about the details and having a thorough knowledge of the project documents. Our commercial projects demand this level of expertise. We also are experienced in directing the overall scope that high-end residential work demands. We protect the integrity of the design and ensure its execution in the field. Furthermore, we are experienced in crafting the type of architectural details designed by the architect. This is demonstrated by client and architect satisfaction and in the excellence of the finished product. Our clients say that we have a high sense of quality and product finish. The architects know that we have the design understanding, a recognition of the importance of details, and an appreciation for fine architecture.


Although we build high-end projects for our clients, we recognize the importance of helping those less fortunate to obtain the American dream of home ownership. Through our involvement in Habitat for Humanity, we help people achieve that dream by investing our time and expertise to help build homes for families in need. How better to invest in our company and in our community than by doing what we do best?


Blue Stone Building has the experience to build and deliver your project on time and within your budget. Our commitment to personalized service, effectively managed projects, and building from the owner’s perspective makes us stand out. Add our dedication to proper execution of design and architectural appreciation, and you will find that Blue Stone Building is the preferred choice to build your next project.